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Our Optical Society (OSA) student chapter returned on the 2nd of March from a visit to Laser 2000. We are very grateful to our host Guy Holmes and his staff for dedicating so much of their time, showing us what optics distribution is like, and the importance of technical sales. This visit was the first visit of the informational interview program we as a chapter have decided to pilot.

Entrance of Laser 2000 office at Huntingdon

This program is designed to smooth the transition from education to the workforce by bringing University of Kent optics and physical science students into contact with industry. Our chapter has started to reach out to optics and photonics companies across the UK to learn more about their businesses. We ask if they are willing to commit a few hours to a whole day with us, telling us about their business, showing us their facilities, and ask current employees questions. The benefit to the employer is getting access to a large group of highly skilled people nearing graduation. The benefit as individuals is a way to find companies aligned with our goals without the pressure of the interview setting.

Laser 2000's crew showing a demonstration of one of their optical sources and translation stages to our Chapter.

This first visit was very well received by Laser 2000, according to the president Guy Holmes, we are the first chapter to reach out, and they are willing to meet other OSA chapters. As a result of this visit we are currently in the preliminary stages of setting up a joint outreach event. Feedback from people who went felt the visit was worthwhile and several new members have expressed a willingness to become involved with our planned outreach activities.

You can find more information about Laser 2000 in their own website:

If you want more information about the visit or about informational interviews, don't hesitate in contacting us with your details.

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