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Hello, and welcome to the webpage of the Optica Student Chapter at the University of Kent! Since 2011 we have been busy thinking (and implementing) interesting activities to engage the academic and local community into the world of Optics and Photonics.

Please check out our About Us page for more information. Regular reports of the activities already carried out are available in the Blog section, along with other articles we find useful.

Currently, we have some upcoming events, looking forward to seeing you IRL!

  • May 26-27th 2022, career celebration of Prof Adrian Podoleanu, head of the Applied Optics Group and scientific leader in his field. The event will be hosted by the University of Kent and all the members of the Kent Optica Student Chapter

Our last past event was:

  • April 13-14th 2021, Optics and Photonics for Scientific Progress (OPSP21) organized by five Kent Optica Society Members: Rachel, Adrian, Julien, Hal, and Alejandro
  • March 1-4th 2022, on the Winter School at Technical University of Denmark, talk organized by two Kent Optica Society Members: Julien and Adrian
  • March 10-12th 2022, outreach event in Ramsgate organized by Discovery Plante together with University of Kent, two Kent Optica Society Members involved: Alejandro Martinez, Gopika Venugopal
In the photo, from left to right: Sacha Grelet in the computer, Adrian Fernandez and Alejandro Martinez

On a final note, remember to follow us on Facebook and Flickr, too!